To ensure the smile presented to the world reflects the internal smile and peace in all.

Our Vision


We focus on supporting the emotional, mental and financial health and wealth of those we serve.  We incorporate core values of caring, honesty, respect, equality, and faith into all we do.


Behind My Smile is the nonprofit committed to strengthening the emotional strength, mental health, and financial security of the community we serve.  Our ultimate goal is to bring the smile on the outside into the inside of those who may struggle in silence.

Board of Directors

Terrie Weary

Terrie Weary is  a proud Air Force veteran who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of inner peace and global equality. Terrie has been highly lauded as a great leader, mentor, friend, and is dedicated to serving her community.  She is a proud mom to 2 young men, Gregory, who serves currently in the USMC; and 11 yr old Jerry.  She wears several hats as a mom, successful Realtor in the San Antonio area, Notary Public, Independent Scentsy Consultant and Founder of Behind My Smile. Because of her personal struggle with hiding behind her smile, Terrie felt strongly that her journey to happiness and financial freedom are things that many seek.  She has dedicated herself to ensuring everyone she can affect will have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams.

Shaneka Timmons

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Terrie Weary

Misty Plott

Monica Tipton

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Leadership Team

Joeisha Weary
Manager of Counseling Services

Joeisha is a special education teacher. She became passionate about the field at an early age. Being able to touch lives of both students and thier families through education and avocation has brought her a sense of fulfillment. She notes that one of the most important philosophies in her repertoire is one that has shaped her into the woman she is today. "If I had of known better, I would have done better" by Maya Angelou. She notes , “That quote inspires me to continuously be self reflective. Self reflection and dedication are imperative to becoming the person that you are meant to be. Being able to see your mistakes, your missteps and recognizing that your action may have negative effects on those around you allows space to mold yourself into the woman, friend, partner, or colleague that you deserve to be

Simone Knight
Manager of Financial Services

Simone Knight hails from Lake City, SC and currently resides in San Antonio, TX where she works as an Infrastructure Engineer for a financial services company.  As a proud Army veteran Simone has  mentored and led her peers from a very young age. She obtained her undergraduate degree, graduate certificate in Cybersecurity and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Information Technology Management.  She is dedicated to bettering her community and all those she serves

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